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The Benefits of ELD Now: It’s More than Just Compliance

The days of manual data logging are over. Thanks to Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) – which accurately track, manage and share data directly from a vehicle in real time – drivers no longer need to manually track and record mile entries.

Not only does implementing an ELD solution help keep your business compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) policies and requirements, adopting this technology also saves drivers and companies both time and money. Here’s why you should make the switch to ELD sooner rather than later:

Transition with ease

By planning ahead and setting aside enough time to thoroughly test your system, you won’t risk being in a time crunch. Additionally, getting both management and drivers comfortable with your ELD solution will smooth any road bumps after deployment. Wait too long to implement, and you may even run into issues securing hardware as the demand for ELD increases.

The sooner you adopt an ELD solution, the more money your company will save. By directly connecting to the engines of the Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) in your fleet, ELD solutions automatically and accurately record Hours of Service (HOS) and driver performance metrics. An FMCSA study found that ELD can help reduce fines for HOS violations by 53%.

Save Time and Money:

ELD solutions also reduce the time, paperwork and potential errors involved in manually managing Record of Duty Status, commonly known as drivers logs. The FMCSA conservatively estimates that companies can save $750/driver/year just by eliminating the cost of producing and storing manual paperwork.

Increase Safety:

Most importantly, ELD systems increase driver safety. By helping you enforce HOS rules more strictly, ELD can reduce crashes by up to 12%. Combine that with reduced logging times, and your drivers will only have to worry about one thing while they’re on the road: getting to their destination safely.

The FMCSA deadline is coming up – but implementing ELD is about more than just compliance. Don’t wait to start saving money and improving the safety of your drivers. Partner with U.S. Cellular to equip your business with an FMCSA-certified ELD solution, all powered on a strong network that works in the Middle of Anywhere.  To Learn more Download our free ELD infographic.

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