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Mobilize Your Team

Workforce management is key to business success. Learn about tools and ideas related to HR systems, task management software and more that help your employees work smarter.

If your business uses contract or temporary staffing, you’re not alone. In fact, a 2015 report issued by the U.S. Government Accountability Office revealed that fully 40.4% of those employed in the U.S. were temporary, on-call, contract, or part-time workers. As a business owner/operator, you must decide whether to issue…
Connectivity is revolutionizing today’s workforce. Instead of whiling the time away in a dark office, many of your company’s employees, while scattered across various physical locations, are connected to each other and HQ by computers, Smartphones and other connected devices via the global Internet. To ensure your mobile workforce is…
For specific businesses, the days of employees punching in and out already has or will soon go the way of the telephone booth. E-Timecards will now be used more than ever as they help businesses become more efficient and productive by reducing massive amounts of paperwork and their associated administrative…

Mobile Device Management: Ensuring Functionality, Security, and Productivity

Modern businesses need to equip their workforce with the right mobile tools. This white paper includes Mobile Device Management use cases by industry, to help you learn more on the challenges of MDM, and how to  overcome them. Download now.