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How to Gain Followers and Interact With Them on Social Media

Media platforms allow business leaders to promote their products and services at a low cost while getting feedback from their customers. What’s more, the two-way communication that’s possible through sites like Facebook can make your customers feel more connected to your business. But just how do you get those followers and what are the keys to communicating with customers on social media sites? Here are some tips that can help you establish a strong social media presence.

Post often and at regular intervals

To generate interested in your site, you need to post content often and at regular intervals. A Twitter study by social media company, Beevolve, in 2015 revealed that there is a definite correlation between tweeting often and attracting followers. No matter what platform you’re using, frequent posting generates awareness and social discussion and gives users the impression that your business is dynamic. It’s also a good idea to post at steady intervals throughout the day and week. If you post too many times in short succession your followers will not have time to read or view all of your content. Likewise, posting too much in general and flooding users’ social media feeds will aggravate them and may cause them to leave.

Paid ads

While one of the perceived benefits of social media is its use as an inexpensive promotional platform, paid ads are a great way to increase exposure to your social media profile. Paid ads help generate ‘likes’ and followers, and are another venue through which you can push content.

Use more than one social media platform

Nowadays there are many social media platforms to choose from. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and the list goes on. You don’t have to use them all, but using three or four can increase your overall presence and will help you reach potential followers that may only be using one platform. By cross-posting on different sites you’ll simply reach more people.

Good content

You need to post good, engaging content. This doesn’t just mean well-written and informative content, but material that gets people talking. Often this can be a stimulating blog, article or a picture, but sometimes all you need to do is ask your followers a question about your products, services or a social issue that is related to the service your business provides. User comments will then bloom into discussions. In other words, you want your content to foster dialogue.

Engage with your users

Traditionally, one of the great things about small business is the personal touch it affords, and this holds true in the world of social media. Don’t be afraid to address user comments individually and engage in discussion. This will help you forge relationships with customers and build loyalty. Addressing questions and concerns in a timely manner also demonstrates your accountability.

Staying on top of social media trends

Complacency is one of the social media pitfalls you need to avoid. It’s easy to get in a groove when managing your social media sites, but new platforms are constantly emerging and it’s important to adapt. A 2014 Pew Research study revealed that 52% of online adults in America now use two or more social media sites. Business leaders, who use Facebook and Twitter but have ignored or been unaware of newer sites like Instagram and Pinterest, are losing out on opportunities. You should always keep an eye on emerging social media trends and adopt them where necessary.

Paul Fitzgerald is a science and technology writer with Inventorspot.com and blogs for CNN International Report. He is also tech and celebrity writer with Hoss Magazine, one of North America’s leading home lifestyle publications.

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