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Manage Your Business with a Connected Device Platform

It’s a brave new world as CDP platforms manage the connectivity brought about by Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The degree and extent that connectivity is present in the modern world is astonishing. Vehicles “talk” to you and each other while sensors can take soil readings, signal when dangerous amounts of water threaten assets, and report when temperatures in your company’s storage bins adversely affect your sensitive food products.

All this is made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT) devices that generate large amounts data which in turn Connected Device Platforms (CDP) harness so that you can assess real time developments in your business.

Connectivity is the new watchword in business. That’s because connected devices now comprise a significant element in communications network. In fact, Forbes Magazine and tech experts alike predict that nearly 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020.

The advanced degree of connection is made possible by CDPs that have a dashboard format and facilitate the processing of information in portions that allow for easy understanding and application. For example, home renovation businesses know that lighting, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems can be coordinated through CDP platforms. These cloud-based optimized networks control and secure connected devices.

Benefits of CDP:

  • Managing your devices from a distance, eliminating the need to be present on-site.
  • A great tool for keeping current with payment and billing issues, allowing you to stay on top of account creation, unpaid bills, past bills and long-term customer payment history.
  • Real time device usage and status allows you to check in with your key business infrastructure.
  • Greater data precision through specifying information content readings.
  • Price plans for services and products allows for predictive outcomes that makes it easier to re-stock and market goods.

CDP dashboards simplify the management of your information network by interfacing with devices that shed insight in a wide variety of aspects of your business. The linkages brought about by this all-present connectivity are fully realized by CDP platforms because of their capacity to design, disperse and manage IoT data. The result is businesses that are smarter, dynamic and more cost-effective.

Connecting Through Remote Monitoring

Once upon a time remote monitoring was restricted to the category of an on-site security function. Advanced remote monitoring is now possible by CDP software that reports additional information and variables. Thanks to the stunning degree of connectivity that now exists, remote monitoring offers a multitude of ways to benefits ranging from detecting the status of temperature-sensitive data to whether maintenance is required on your fleet of vehicles. These incredible abilities have propelled remote monitoring, in conjunction with CDP, right to the apex of the IoT revolution.

Key benefits of remote monitoring:

  • Allows those with far-flung offices to monitor activities and trends regardless of where they are situated.
  • Your IT staff is able to troubleshoot and monitor your network in real time despite not being physically centered in one particular place.
  • The key aspect of mobility of IT personnel is enabled. Their management of your network infrastructure doesn’t depend on a stationary presence in a single locale.
  • Flexibility is accentuated. This helps out on two levels – first, remote monitoring software connects you for on-the-spot recalibration and priority changes on the basis of fresh and timely information. Secondly, it helps to promote a company culture that is agile and able to cope with change.

CDP is Front and Center

Streamlining your business has become much easier thanks to CDP dashboard technology. Real time situations are possible because of the enormous connectivity that nuanced devices bring to the table. Managing proliferating data streams through CDP platforms is how you can stay on the cutting edge.             

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