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Summer Reading List for Small Business Retailers, Fleet Owners and Other Small Businesses

The summer reading season is fast approaching and, instead of beachy novels, we are recommending a collection of articles that can help move your retail or many others kinds of businesses forward.


Wearable Tech Transforms Retailers

Instant communications between you and your staff become even more immediate with wearable technology like iWatch or Garmin. In a retail setting, this could mean that inventory stockers can easily communicate with floor clerks inquiring about a garment size. Wearing an activity tracker, your employees can measure their steps to weight-loss goals. Plus, you can notify your best techie customers when an offer that’s too good to refuse arrives in your store. Read about all the possibilities of wearable tech below.

How New Wearable Technology Will Benefit Your Business

Retail and IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is arguably the most impactful of all the system changes that have positively affected retail environments. Everything from the in-store walking patterns of customers to taking readings of temperature-sensitive products in storage or on the shelves is within your grasp. The article below equips you with the knowledge of what to think about before adopting IoT solutions. While the upside lies in having much more efficient operations management and promoting greater satisfaction in customer relations, there is also a downside. That’s because business continuity could be adversely affected by security breaches. The article covers the vulnerabilities that you need to be aware of in order to confidently proceed with using IoT for your retail business.

Why Retailers Will Benefit From IoT Solutions

More New Devices for Retailers

Knowing the most essential devices for business can take your company to the next level. For example: smartphones (including new features and increased capacity) and the trend away from laptops toward tablets.

Best New Devices to Maximize Your Business


 Self-Driving Vehicles and Your Small Business Fleet

The must-read summer article for small fleet business operators contains solid information on the coming changes to America’s highways. Thanks to self-driving vehicles, roadways will be safer, more efficient and less stressful. While the big automakers are quickening their innovation and testing new models, the article explores the ramifications of self-driving vehicles. If you’re running a freight operation, you’ll discover four important implications of this revolution as well as numerous benefits. The task of finding drivers has been a developing concern among fleet operators. In addition to discussing this situation, the article explores other key benefits and upsides that self-driving vehicles offer.

Cruising Into the Future: How Self-Driving Trucks Will Transform the Fleet Industry

Smart Tech for Fleet Businesses

If you are looking to grow your fleet business, there is a lot of new technology on the market that will better track and manage your operations on a daily basis. Vehicle tracking and wireless solutions will only drive your business forward. The article features the benefits of GPSTrackit, Comet Fleet and Actsoft’s Advanced Wireless Forms—innovative packages that help save you time and money.

Make Your Fleet Leaner and Smarter With Wireless Forms and Vehicle Tracking Technologies


The Best of CES for Any Business

Las Vegas may be the gaming capital of the world, yet each January it is home to the spectacular Consumer Electronics Show. The article below highlights 10 cutting-edge products that will give your small business a leg up on the competition. For example, if you are a clothing retailer, the ZenFone AR from ASUS will allow you to virtually fit clothes on prospective customers, allowing for adjustments to be made in real time. This article also touches on innovative tools like the Lenovo Smart Assistant, which can perform duties that you would normally delegate to a trusty assistant.

 Top 10 New Products From the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Solar Power and Business

Becoming environmentally responsible and running your business efficiently can result in remarkable savings when you install solar power energy. In fact, three-quarters of your store’s electricity bill can be eliminated. What’s more, as the article points out, incentives exist that can help you transition to solar on a federal and local level. Your customers will regard you as a responsible corporate citizen, raising your image and reputation in the community.

Here Comes the Sun: Solar Power Means Business

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